Cretan diet

kostis grivakisThe famous study of the seven countries, which was made by Anzel Keys, when published in 1980 revealed that the health level of the Cretans was the best in the world. This proved that the Cretan diet, which has olive oil as its main constituent, was a key factor to that.

The conclusion was that the excellent health and longevity of the Cretans was the result of their traditional diet. The simple diet mainly based on olive oil which provided one third of the daily energy in a person, while most of the energy derived from cereals, especially bread and legumes, vegetables, nuts and a smaller percentage of eggs, cheese, milk, meat, fish and a glass of red wine with every meal.

Cretans consume the products produced by the earth, that is, eat plenty of vegetables, herbs, legumes and fruits, flavor food with herbs and plants from the mountains of the island, such as thyme and basil!

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