During the existence of the traditional fishtavern Akrogiali for the last 30 years...

the interior of the tavern, the kitchen equipment, utensils, furniture has been altered and renewed a number of times.

My-House-iconWhat has not changed is the nature of family Loukaki and the way they treat guests. From the moment you find yourself in Akrogiali you will feel the family spirit, warmth and genuine Cretan hospitality... but let us check out and see what occupies the family during the rest of the day. When you're not there!

fishCostas Loukakis sets out at dawn (when the weather favors) prepares his boat and goes fishing in the Gulf of Kissamos! With his experience and of course a bit of luck he will return with fresh fish, octopus, sea urchins, squids!

Tomato-iconThe garden is his next stop! Fresh vegetables and herbs are gathered in a large basket and head to the kitchen!

505506Meanwhile, Costas' mother has also begun very early to knead the bread and bake it in the traditional oven while his wife prepares dishes ALWAYS with extra virgin olive oil of their own production!

steakCostas taking his turn, heads out to the kitchen to prepare the grill so that grilled meat will be served roasted, juicy and ALWAYS of EXCELLENT quality!

The children run errands, do the necessary shopping and prepare the dining tables!

wine-tango-2006And what about the wine ....? Loukakis Wine production is waiting in the wooden barrel to be tasted and amaze you!
toolbar-artAnd because the family loves art, take some time to observe the paintings made by Euterpe Loukaki and which decorate the interior.